LeadingPartners works with and for people on the development of their companies in order to shape structures and responsibilities in a future-oriented way.

Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning

Highly efficient automation the recruitment process through continuous optimization of the Algorithms in the preselection.

Predictive Analysis Sentiment Studies

Prediction models for Evaluation of market and Customer perceptions for Management and company.

Experience Modelling Data Aggregation

Collection/Merging of relevant data sources for Modelling of evaluation criteria in selection processes.

Market Mapping

Dynamically scalable marketing mapping

Focused feasibility studies of market participants and your HR strategy. Consolidation and evaluation of the Potentialspiegel tool by specifying functional and skills-based criteria in our search and assessment fields. This enables swifter market penetration and puts you in pole position in the battle for talented individuals or experienced managers.


Individual and Industry Analyses

Individual and Industry Analyses

We develop and determine market feedback for our clients, apart from doing pure market research, by conducting analytical reviews. This includes: identifying company and background structures as a basis for evaluating market situations and fields of application, salary and bonus analyses as well as functional, regional and/or sectoral market cross-sections as a basis for budget confirmations or adjustments for our clients.